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Mark Dobbelsteyn

Booth 719 721

Children's interactive programs -CHIPP focuses on four primary areas: Water and Fire safety, Fall awareness and Poison and Medication awareness.    In those areas we talk about Thinking safely when we are in every situation so we can Play safely.  Another idea we focus on is to take our Grownup with us to help keep us safe. Statistically most incidents happen when the child’s grownup is not nearby. Some topics for discussion in your class prior to coming… our bones, lungs and about keeping our brains safe. The program has a 30 minute fast paced image driven classroom portion with an hour long interactive segment where the concepts they have just learned are positively reinforced.he 5 learning stations will take an hour to go through.  PTSP  - Your class will learn about the “7 Steps to Safety” in our 90-minute program with a maximum of 30 children.Our program includes a 30-minute classroom portion with the story of “Trevor and Emma and the 7 Steps to Safety” and 1 hour outside on site.  The students will learn safety skills in a hands-on learning environment.  This program will educate your students about being safe pedestrians and drivers.