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Circle Teachings Publishing

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Our purpose and mission, and how it supports educators in the Alberta area

The intention behind the formation of Circle Teachings in 2013 was to create a publishing company that prioritizes culturally diverse learning materials (Indigenous, and multicultural) made in collaboration with those whose teachings they are based off of; and to support local Elders in sharing their stories and knowledge without compromising the traditional rights extending to their communities (that aren’t adequately honoured under standard “copyright” terms). The Elders we work with have agreed generously to make their published materials available to the general public and to Alberta  schools and educators to provide authentic resources for information on their cultures, traditions, and lives. Our Elders believe it is incredibly important to the development of all youth to have culturally diverse teachings in the classroom. 

The late Henry Laboucan, one of the founders of Circle Teachings, observed and predicted that the social divide between Elders and youth was increasing, complicating the transmission of oral history and traditional knowledge. He said that it was time to put teachings and stories to paper and even digital mediums, even though traditionally it was not the way to share. He guided us in finding ways that were appropriate, through ceremony and relationship building, to create teachings tools about culture and history.  

Now, with a global pandemic mandating us to physically stay separate, there is even more urgency to find creative, safe ways to transmit teachings from Elders to youth. 

Circle Teachings is uniquely positioned to support teachers in providing quality learning resources intended to connect younger generations with Elders knowledge and multicultural storytelling. We present a range of multimedia products to the attendees of this year’s Mighty Peace Teachers Convention, and we are always available for consultation and to connect educators with appropriate Elders for further support.  

What we offer

Posters, print media, teachers guides and lesson plans, videos, Elder support, and more! 

Purpose and Intention for all Circle Teachings projects:

⦿  To catalyze positive social and environmental change through educational media, experiential learning opportunities, and relationship building

⦿  To affirm Indigenous rights and human rights

⦿  To support Elders in their traditional roles as cultural teachers, leaders, and ceremonialists

⦿  To preserve cultural knowledge ways and Indigenous languages and heritage

⦿  To provide educators with resources that accurately portray the history of Turtle Island and the Indigenous cultures here, approved by Elders (that Elders retain copyrights to)

⦿  To promote understanding of Indigenous Nationhood amongst Canadians

⦿  To reveal the sacred responsibility in what is considered political, and make the political sacred (natural law: we all have a responsibility to uphold and protect the environment, the future generations, and all living things)

⦿  To encourage and participate in relationship building between Indigenous and settler communities, promoting the recognition of our interconnectedness and interdependence

⦿  To promote justice for Indigenous and multicultural children and their guardians, families, and communities in the midst of continual institutional trauma and the separation of children from their families

⦿  To honour and support Indigenous and multicultural women, men, and gender variant or non-conforming peoples in their roles in community, and celebrate their contributions to this world

Feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information: