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Art Gallery of Alberta Tour registration  Ticket sales start Dec 4 at 7pm and end Feb 4 at 7pm.  SOLD OUT!

Rogers Place Tour - Ticket sales start Dec 4 at 7pm and end Feb 4 at 7pm.  SOLD OUT!

Rogers Place Tour #2 - A 2nd tour has been added!  Ticket sales start Dec 8 at 12:00pm and end Feb 4 at 7pm. SOLD OUT!

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Edmonton Vein Clinic

Compression Stockings_x000D_
How do stockings work?_x000D_
Compression stockings help muscle pump by gently squeezing the leg to boost blood return for better circulation. They help individual to reduce tiredness, heaviness, swelling and cramp. They also help energize your legs during daily life and exercise._x000D_
Wearing compression stockings allows effective fibrosis (keeping the treated vessels collapsed, a lower incidence of post-sclerotherapy pigmentation. It also offers additional protection against deep vein thrombosis apart from maintaining regular physical activity, as it prevents stagnation of blood in the legs._x000D_